Cade D. Oregon

Internet Censorship

This article expresses how important education is and with the right censorship guidelines kids can have a head start.

 Dear Future Mr./Mrs. President,

We as a country have an issue called censorship in our school districts. Almost every school in the United States have most websites blocked on their computers except for Cool Math Games for some reason, just because a website has the name “math” in it doesn’t meant it’s educational. The main reason for censorship on computers is that some websites are social media sites or are inappropriate sites as well. Although some sites are good sources for school projects, but they are still censored from students.

As the internet becomes more of a popular source for finding information, schools are starting to crack down on what websites to block. In middle school a lot of kids found different ways to get past the blocking and were still able to get to their desired website even if it was blocked. Middle school is the time where you learn key essentials before you go into High school, but most kids didn’t learn much in some computer classes because of distracting websites on computers. If you want our future generations to have a higher edge on computer education then we need to understand what websites need to be blocked from kids so that they can start learning with no distractions.

Kids do a lot better when schools ban smartphones. A CNN article says “When a school banned smartphones it boosted test scores by 7 percent and the boost also affected scores on under-achieving students by 14 percent.” With smartphones you don’t need the schools internet, kids nowadays use their family's data or they use a V.P.N. (Virtual Private Network) to bypass the blocked websites. What do kids lose when the school's ban smartphones when they can just use them after school? This isn’t just an internet abuse problem it’s an education problem too. 14 percent is huge for some kids and could go a long way.

Cade D.