Kaitlyn E. Iowa

Save the Unborn

This is article is about how I feel on abortion and what I believe the president should do about it.

Dear Future President,

My name is Kaity and I'm going to tell you how I feel about abortion and what I believe you should do about it. All lives matter, a fetus is a human being from the time of conception.

Abortion is legal, but yet if someone kills a pregnant women whether it's by accident or it's on purpose, they are tried for two counts of murder. How is this justifiable? We’re telling women they have the right to kill an innocent human being because they don't want to step up and take responsibility for it.

Babies can feel the pain. At only 8 weeks the baby has begun to form everything that a grown human being has. That means the spinal cord, nerves, and heart, and etc have been formed. Therefore the baby can feel everything. When a woman decides to get an abortion, she is put on anesthetics and once asleep, they take a grasping clamp and slowly disassemble the baby piece by piece. Once the baby is disable, the doctors take a vacuum like object and begin to suck the baby’s limbs out. The baby's head is of course too big to be sucked out so the doctors use the grasping clamp and crush the baby’s head and the take the vacuum and suck it out.

According to Operation Rescue, less than 1% of abortions are because of rape or incest. People argue that you should be able to get one if you were raped. There are so many other options. Really? Killing an innocent human being for someone else's mistake should not be something we still accept in our society.

Future President, I think you should ban abortions. I feel that the killing of innocent human beings is not in any way acceptable. All lives matter even if they're not physically in this world yet.