Ash S. Ohio

You're Not Allowed to Read This.

Book censorship is preventing us students from being prepared for the real world.

Dear Next President:

There were at least 311 banned books in 2014. That’s 311 fewer sources of knowledge. 311 fewer opportunities for bettering ourselves. Hopefully, you will give some me time to explain here.

School is supposed to smooth the way for us children for the real world. This is a well-known fact, is it not? But how are we supposed to be ready for it, when we can’t gather any information about what really happens out there? We’re not allowed to discuss less “tasteful” topics because it’s deemed inappropriate. Then everything regarding it is removed from the shelves and I believe banned books bereave us children of a bountiful opportunity for knowledge.

Now all our opportunities to learn about a real-world problem is gone. We can no longer prepare ourselves for whatever may come to us out there. The good or the bad. So maybe, we should let the books stay where they’re meant to be. On the shelves, or in our hands.

- Sincerely,

Ash S.

Hudson Middle School

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