Bryce P. Iowa

Paying the Price

The Death Penalty is a big issue and should be put in place to help prevent crime.

Today President, I would like to talk to you about something that the U.S. has quite a divided opinion on. People around the world say murder is a bad thing, but we still see today people being killed by other people. The issue I would like to discuss with you today is Capital Punishment.

This issue has been around for a long time, and I am not the only one that feels like it should be put in place for the safety of others. Some people believe that the death penalty is a good thing to have in the world because it makes people think about things before they do them. For instance, one will not kill another person as often, because they know if they get caught they will be killed as well. The rule with an eye for an eye really makes the criminal think if it is worth his/her own life before they go and commit a horrible act. I strongly believe that with this put in place the crime in America should go down significantly.

Therefore, not only me but other people would not want the killer still alive if he/she killed someone. Not only this but if that person was alive he/she would be paying for the person who killed their family member to be in jail. This is giving that person a chance to live life. Prison nowadays is not all that bad with the decent food they receive, and if they are good enough in prison, could potentially get out. Which is why people like the idea of people having to be punished for his/her actions.

However, other people look at this issue as an illegal act. They say that the person that has committed the crime is getting too harsh of a punishment, but, they wouldn’t be getting that punishment if they would not have committed the crime. They think that the worst punishment one should receive is life in prison, but if it was their family member that was killed, would they actually want the killer to be alive? It is also giving that person a chance at life still. Even though, he/she ruined another person's life and their families. People also think this is not the right way to handle some things because sometimes people are falsely accused. Even though this happens, they usually get it right but occasionally one is falsely accused.

In conclusion, the Death Penalty is a good choice because people pay for the bad actions they had committed. Not only would this help prevent the killing of lots of people, but you could see th crime in the U.S. go down. So it is up to you, President. Are people still going to get away with killing others? Or will they start paying for the actions they have committed? It is up to you, President, keep the people of America safe.