Jared S. Iowa

Should the U.S. Military be allowed on school campuses?

The U.S. military offers many things when joining the military.

Dear Future president,

In 1973 the United States of America discontinued the draft. Leading to an all-volunteer military force. So with an all-volunteer military forces the military needs volunteers, one way the military forces do this is go to school campuses and talk to students about joining. There is a debate between this and whether or not the military should be allowed on school campuses for their recruitment efforts. My personal opinion is that they should be allowed on school campuses. You might ask why I think this, it’s because the U.S. military provide many things for someone thinking about joining which include: Opportunity-Duty,Honor,Country-Sacrifice.

Opportunity, the U.S. military offers a lot of opportunities. They offer training and an advanced education in a wide variety of fields. Some of the branches of the U.S. military even offer to pay for you to go to college. Those who sign up for a four-year commitment may stay on a full career for 20 to 30 year.

Duty,Honor,Country, When someone joins the U.S. military comes honor, duty, pride, and country. In most cases it hurts to send a young adult into harm's way. When the young adult decision is made, that they want to live the life of a soldier in the U.S. military. With that decision comes duty to serve the country they grew up in, it also give the young adult honor to serve his or her’s country. Pride is another thing that comes with someone wanting to join. Pride from the families and schools that support their decision to serve.

Sacrifice, the U.S. military is an all-volunteer service. So when someone joins the U.S. military it is a sacrifice that they have to take. Even though it is a sacrifice to join, joining the U.S. military offers the opportunity to work, excel and succeed while participating in a cause that is larger than itself.

I talked about three of the many things that the U.S. military offers. With this being said I would like the next President of the United States to allow the different branches of the U.S. military to be allowed and always be allowed on school campuses. This topic is important to me because after graduating high-school I plan on joining the United States Navy.


Jared Smouse