Sydney G. Michigan

Wage Gap

Women make an exceptionally less amount of money than men and that is not acceptable.

September 22, 2016

Dear Future President:

I would like to ventilate on a topic that I am passionate about due to its inequality towards my own personal gender; women make an exceptionally less amount of money than men do on a yearly basis. They are expected to make a living on their own; and in some cases, raise children on their own based solely on their salary. It would be extremely easy to achieve this task comfortably...if they were to make as much money as men. The wage gap between men and women in The United States of America is sizable enough to raise the eyebrows of countless citizens.

According to the The American Association of University Women (AAUW), in 1974 women were making approximately 59% of what men were making. Since then, the amount that women make has heightened by roughly 20%, making the wage gap in the vicinity of 21%. Additionally, the AAUW also stated that the wage gap is not nearly the same across the map, with the state of Washington having the smallest gap at 5%, and Louisiana having the largest gap coming in around 35%. As if the wage gap was not bad enough, women of color have an even larger gap! Sadly, African American women make approximately $8,000 less than white women across the country.

The multiple reports of unfair pay are shockingly high and have been occurring for centuries. No matter how hard women work, they cannot seem to break the barrier of achieving the same salary as men. In some cases, women do make more than men; but these specific ladies tend to have a higher education than the men that make less money. This disputed-point can be solved in numerous ways. Women need to profess their concerns with the wage gap in their places of work. Moreover, there should be a law that makes it mandatory for companies to conduct salary audits in order to assure their wage-earners that they are being looked upon in an equal manner. This should not be a natural occurrence in our society, and I want you act on my interpretation of this nationwide issue.