Megan G. Michigan

Gun Control

Gun Control

September 23, 2016

Dear Next President:

The current gun control laws and regulations should stay the same. Additionally, they should remain the same for concealed weapons. With the exception of a few restrictions, almost everyone is able to own guns in their own household. For example, if someone breaks through a window into the owner’s house, the owner is allowed to defend themselves from the intruder. For a carrier to draw a gun on someone, that person’s life has to feel at risk and threatened. A carrier must be 21 years of age or older, must have no felonies, and must attend an eight hour long training before receiving the concealed weapon license. Concealed carriers can not legally have guns in stadiums/sport arenas, churches, schools, colleges/universities, daycares, bars, hospitals, and any entertainment center with more than 2500 seats. Laws and regulations continue to change in every state, whether it is to have more freedom of where carriers can have guns or more restrictions of where they cannot have guns. The laws and regulations stated earlier were from the state of Michigan specifically.

The SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) promotes better understanding of the Constitution and how it gives the rights to privately own and possess firearms. This foundation also does educational and legal action programs. These programs are designed to properly inform the public on the gun control debate.

People want gun control because of all the gun violence and terrorism taking place in the world, but just because there are laws does not mean it will stop people from illegally owning and committing gun violence. On November 13, 2015, Paris was attacked. France has some of the strictest and toughest gun control laws, consisting of eight different categories. France has four different categories of laws and restrictions, but that did not stop the terrorists though. These terrorists still managed to get illegal guns and terrorize a defenseless city.

On the other hand, recently in Minnesota, a news report from CNN reported that a man was apprehended in a mall after he stabbed nine people. He was finally gunned down and shot dead by an off-duty police officer. If it was not for this officer’s concealed weapon and his license, this officer would not have been able to stop this man as easily. However, he did, and he prevented and protected more people from getting injured by this 22 year old man. Considering the right of having a concealed weapon, the people who worry and care about the protection of themselves and the people around them will be able to protect each other when the authorities around are not armed or are not present.