Megan T. Michigan

Veteran services

Essay describes how veterans need more assistance after they return home.

Dear Next President:

Veterans risked their lives for our freedom and are given nothing in return. They come back, and they do not receive much assistance, or they suffer for the rest of their lives with PTSD or not knowing their roles in society. We need to increase the amount of money and resources to provide in helping them with their traumas. Many have problems getting back into the role of society: while, others cannot overcome the losses of friends or the traumas they have suffered.

Compared to the United States, the United Kingdom has many more programs available for veterans when they return home or even years after they have returned. The Journal of Mental Health said that the “U.K. government will give payments toward health care, physical injuries, and support for mental health issues.” The U.S. should do something similar. The U.K. is trying to help and the U.S. just allows veterans to go on and struggle with life. When veterans return, they should receive a list of places that are willing to help them if they need it. The Journal of Mental Health also says “The U.S. has over 1400 sites” for veterans to receive help, but the majority still does not know how to gain access to them.

It would cost the U.S. more money to help veterans, but it would be worth it. The University of Oregon explains that “the U.S. military spends enormous amounts of money and time preparing soldiers for war, but very little preparing them for civilian life.” It would not take a significant increase in money to help prepare them for civilian life. For many, they have troubles remembering their civilian role(s) within their families or society. Many soldiers have troubles turning off the skills they were taught in the military. This means some will still be in survival mode or be on constant alert. They will not trust their loved ones or scare their kids by their actions. The least we can do is increase the amount of money to help them find ways to remember their lives before the military.

The Journal of Mental Health explains that, “the U.K. government is establishing new mental health services to work with veterans.” The U.K. government will work with charitable organizations to help raise money. This is a great plan. The U.K. government has plans to assist and they have ideas on how to raise money. The U.K. is trying to support veterans while we concerned with less important issues. It is our duty to care for these veterans.Veterans have risked their lives everyday for our freedom and receive no thank you’s or any help. Even if it is a little bit of help, it is more than what they get now.