Sam H. Michigan


What we need to do with immigrants.

Dear Future President, 

Imagine you were in your home country and in your own house doing nothing that should get you into trouble. However, you have a chance of being killed because there is a war going on around you that you have no control over. Wouldn't you want a place to keep you and your family safe? Also, I would like you to think about how you would feel if people from a safer country decided that they weren't going to let you come to their country because of your religion. How would it make you feel that keeping your family safe is out of your control? That's why we need to let immigrants into our country. 

This is a problem that needs to be fixed because we would practically be sentencing innocent people to to path way to death. Also, immigrants can help us once they are here by taking unwanted jobs and improving our economy. As a wise woman once said,"we are stronger together." Finally, letting more people into out country increases our country's diversity, which is always good.

According to, more than 470,000 people have died in Syria's war. We can't let this kind of thing continue to happen. We need to increase the number of immigrants allowed into our country from 1,000,000 each year to at least 1,300,000. This would bring in more people to safety and reduce the amount of deaths by a lot.  

I hope after you've read my letter that the next time you get a chance to change the way the immigration works in our country you think about what you could be doing. Think about each and every family that it might effect and then make your decision. 


Sam H.

Saline High School

English 9

English 9

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