Matthew V. Michigan

Energy in the Future

We need a new form of energy that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Dear Future President,

We all want a bright future for us and the future generations of our nation, but when we look at carbon dioxide emissions and the effects of them, the future looks a little grim. Although some people may not believe in global warming it is a proven fact that we are producing more carbon emissions and negatively affecting the environment. According to the global carbon project, carbon emissions have steadily risen at about 3% more emissions per year, since 2000. Because we need electricity all the time, we need to find a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, alternative form of energy.

We need to start worrying about the sustainability of our energy because we need to have a usable backup for fossil fuels. If we continue to use fossil fuels like we are now we may run out. In a matter of years we will have to start using renewable, clean energy. Paul Krugman writes in the article “Hope From Paris” in New York Times, “Many people still seem to believe that renewable energy is hippie-dippy stuff, not a serious part of our future… The reality, however, is that costs of solar and wind power have fallen dramatically, to the point where they are close to competitive with fossil fuels even without special incentives”. This means renewable energy is cheaper than ever and we will need to use is eventually. Renewable energy is now a viable option because it is cheaper now and more sustainable than fossil fuels.

Along with the sustainability of the energy we need to focus on our carbon dioxide emissions that may be detrimental to the environment globally. All over earth carbon dioxide is being emitted and it stays in our atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect and many more negative effects worldwide. The effects of carbon emissions will harm the environment if we do not take action. The United States and other nations need to look at how much we are emitting and how this affects the earth. The article “Why Obama is Right on Clean Energy” from the New York Times by William Ruckelshaus and William Reilly says “ The debate whether climate is changing is over. The consequences will be drastic if the United States and other countries do nothing… what happens anywhere on the planet will affect us everywhere”. In other words climate change is happening and the consequences of the carbon emissions will be terrible if we keep emitting. We need to find a different type of energy that is sustainable and emits less carbon for a better future.

In addition to the carbon emissions we also need to focus on the economics of the energy we use. One point of focus is the amount of jobs being created and lost. If we start to kill out the fossil fuel industry then people may lose jobs. My solution is instead of killing companies to help the convert to a renewable energy company. Another worry may be the economic stability of renewable energy. The article “In Defense of Clean Energy” from the New York Times states “There is a powerful case to be made that clean energy investments will create real jobs and keep America competitive in a $5 trillion global market for advanced energy technologies”. This shows there is economic stability in renewable energy. This industry will support our future economically and with the energy we need without the pollution.

A few suggestions for you, the next president, are to put stricter limits on carbon emissions and expand the usage of renewable energy through laws. This will keep emissions in check and make sure we have energy in the future. This is how we should approach the issues of energy sustainability, carbon dioxide emissions, and the economics of the energy we use. If we start to change now then we can keep our future bright and be able to safely breathe for years to come.

Sincerely, Matthew