Daisy S. Washington

Abortion in the US

American females should all have the right to a private abortion service.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is an emergency conceptive that women can partake in during the early stages of a pregnancy. Abortion is an option that all women should have, from having their health be at risk if they continued the pregnancy to just not being ready. I believe that abortion is an option that all women in America should have available to them. America needs to open up more clinics, have private care, be taught about abortions and be accepting of women that go through with abortions. 

This topic is important to me not because of a personal experience, but as a girl I would like to know that there is always the option for others when there may be an unexpected bump in the road. The case of Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion on a federal level (After Roe vs. Wade), but states can enlist their own laws exclusive to the state. Here in Washington we have the Washington Reproductive Privacy Act which forbids the state from interfering with or denying a women her choice of whether to get an abortion or not.

A baby’s first heartbeat commonly arrives around the eighth week of a pregnancy. A baby’s first movement is typically in the sixteenth or seventeenth week (Larson). There are many perspectives on when a baby is considered alive, from the moment of conception to the first movement. The issue many people have with abortion is that it is harmful to the fetus and denying that human a chance to live.

I understand where people that think that are coming from when they want abortion to be illegal , but if the fetus is even considered alive, are you denying it life? Would you want a family with domestic, money, or drug issues who are unprepared to be parents raising a child that needs nurturing? I personally don’t want children to be suffering when it could have been avoided, but everyone can have their own views.

Many states have laws prohibiting abortion after about twenty weeks of gestation due to the belief that the fetus can’t feel pain before that point, with some exceptions regarding the mothers health, etc. "’The science shows that based on gestational age, the fetus is not capable of feeling pain until the third trimester,’ said Kate Connors, a spokesperson for ACOG. The third trimester begins at about twenty-seven weeks of pregnancy.” (Miller) Based on this knowledge, states with laws banning abortion after twenty weeks remain in the “safe zone.”

To conclude, I believe that abortion services should be a personal and private option to all women in need of it. I also believe that abortion should not be completed after twenty-seven weeks to avoid causing pain to the fetus during termination. I propose that we educate more people on this topic and make abortion clinics more available country wide for everyone needs this option. 


Daisy S.

West Seattle High School

3rd Period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Intro to Literature & Composition

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