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Why should we be cautious about artificial intelligence?

 Hello future president. With A sweeping trend in favor of artificial intelligence, I feel it is my duty to do anything I can to advocate against the development of artificial intelligence. The creation of artificial intelligence would be not only harmful to society, but would engender many other deleterious situations. Artificial intelligence would manufacture many problems: Employment, Decision making, and Existential risk. The development of artificial intelligence would be detrimental to society.

Ai would effectively create a mass deficit in jobs. A report from Forester Research presents the surprising statistic, “By 2021, machines will take away 6 percent of all jobs in the U.S., which is nearly 9 million people”. Not only should this show how vital this issue is, but it should raise the question of whether legislation should be put into place. While Ai can produce the same economic output as humans, Ai is not getting paid to create that same economic output. Ai engenders a failure to the major cog in our economic system: The flow of money. As well as disrupting flow and leading to major economic crisis, Ai’s consequence is an issue that is fundamentally important to many of us if it is placed in the correct context. For example. foreign entities replacing Human jobs is not new, the idea has synthesized and evoked anger in many, so what makes Ai any different?

Artificial intelligence is massively revered because of its application in decision making. The CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, suggests: “Artificial intelligence will be invaluable to making important decisions”. Although there is truth to this statement, Ginni Rometty’s thinking is dangerous: it does not account for the dangers posed by bringing AI into existence. while some major decisions would benefit from the use of Ai -such as monetary ones- there are far more momentous decisions that should not rely on an independent decision maker, Ai, that has access to government servers. In saying this, would North Korea hesitate to launch nuclear weapons at us If they knew that we had a “machine” that was making decisions on whether or not it should do the same (launch nuclear weapons). I would go as far as to suggest that the existence of Ai would cause a war in itself. Because Ai can make independent decisions, it poses the risk of game theory, the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers, becoming the determiner of conflicts.

As a result of Ai’s decision making, Ai poses the idea of existential risk. If I give you a bag of M&Ms, and tell you that 1 was injected with poison, every time you eat one your chances of getting the poisonous one increases. Now think of technology this way, every time we develop something we are by definition getting closer to developing something that will cause our downfall. So imagine that Ai is the poisonous M&M. In short, Bringing Ai into existence could potentially harm ours. Because of Ai’s ability to do whatever it is programed to do, it creates many other issues that could all lead to our demise- as a country and as a race. For example, what if Ai does exactly what we tell it to? This concept is adeptly showcased by Tim Urban, owner of waitbutwhy, in his article about Ai, “if we Program it to keep us safe, it may imprison us at home. Maybe we ask it to end all hunger, and it thinks, Easy one! and just kills all humans”. This idea exemplifies the notion that much more can go wrong than right. Overall, even though Ai can have some benefits, it can have many more negative outcomes.

In reading this letter I hope that you realize the importance of this issue; your stance on the issue cannot be understated since a lot of people rely on you to make smart, and adequate decisions. In explaining to you why Ai can be so detrimental to society, I Hope I was able to show you the true consequences of allowing Ai to come into existence without extensive caution. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter; I know you are a busy person, but I hope you take into account what I have to say.

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