Daniella S. Florida

Social Issues on Immigration

A 17 year old daughter of two naturalized immigrant parents discusses the problem regarding social issues with treating immigrants and how to possibly resolve them in the United States.

The Honorable Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

I am a resident from Sunny Isles Beach, FL and I am writing this letter to discuss with you the social issues our country is facing and the dire need to change them.

Ever since the campaign for conquering the presidential seat happened, there has been a more widespread hatred and sense of xenophobia which clashes greatly between the citizens who support opposing sides of the main political parties. Being a daughter and raised by two parents who were immigrants that were naturalized shown that they have proven themselves to be a hardworking family and continue to have that reputation among our community. I’ve also known many companions where their families are also immigrants themselves and worked just as hard to live the desired American Dream and attempted to become naturalized citizens themselves. Some people have this skewed aspect of immigrants as them being “freeloaders” or a lazy group of people who don’t try to be productive fuels this feeling of xenophobia and especially the discrimination of parents who birth “anchor babies.” I would like to ask if the people could spread the message of respect and equality to one another because no matter what gender, race, ethnicity and sexual identity we are, we are all still American people who strive to earn an opportunity to a better life.

To ease tensions like this, I believe that there should be a national program to educate people about respecting one another and why it is vital to do so. Since Miami is considered to be a melting pot full of diverse people of numerous cultures and ethnicity, we have developed a program similar to this idea in Miami-Dade County Public Schools called Values Matter which emphasizes on the need to have respect and integrity to become successful in building relationships and morals. A national program similar to this could potentially raise awareness to students that every person has their own struggles and it is important to support one another and not spew discriminating or racist remarks to their peers. As a concerned citizen, I truly believe that this idea could help our social issues and my community and country would ultimately benefit from this.

Thank you for reading and considering this issue.


Daniella Stalingovskis

Mourning Senior High School

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