Erin k. Georgia

Social Stigma

Please help destroy the social stigma placed on people.

Dear Future President,

I’m guessing you have someone very important to you that you want to protect, am I correct? Well let’s just pretend that that person becomes very sick and starts to act very differently. Would you mistreat them or hurt them? You wouldn’t right? Well the citizens that live in America go through this social stigma because their race, disabilities, or their mental state. Starting now it’s your job to protect America’s citizens.

Race, diversity, and looks are the things that bring the most judgments out of the mouths of people. People get mistreated because they are African American or Asian or a different race than white. Many kids get bullied at school, many people get murdered on the streets, and a lot of people aren’t able to get jobs because of the social stigma put on the people. This 21 century has led to plastic surgery, mental illnesses, and even death. Deirdre Benia from "Racial and Ethnic Diversity” states that about 60% of the suicides of kids are about their looks and about their race. Many people make fun others to feel better about them. As for the people in a bad mental state get mistreated get healed three times slower if mistreated or judged. Many patients are even judged by their own nurses and doctors that mistreat them. This makes the state even worse doesn’t help them at all. You may say,” I can’t control what everyone says or what everyone does.” But Mr. / Mrs. President you can help in many other various ways other than just that.

Some solutions that I have thought of are to make big foundations that help kids not care what others think about them. I think it will help a lot to put them in an environment with people who can show that they care. They should know that people care in their world. Another solution for the people who are mentally disable is to also change their environment such as the people who they work with and who they are around just in general. This will help a lot with the treatment and help them recover. Just helping American citizens with these things can help drastically with increasing the population by decreasing the suicide rate and helping kids stand up to their bullies.

These children’s parents and families have to go through the pain everyday thinking that it their fault that their child’s life was lost. I really hope that you could the special lives that become nothing in a day span. Please make the first step you take as a president is an absolute great one.


 Erin Kim