Aaron W. Indiana

Tuition Inflation

A plea for help with the rising college tuition costs.

Dear President,

Dear President of the United States. I hope that you are ready to fight hard and lead our country in the right path for the next few years. I hope you have a good understanding of some of the major issues that need to be dealt with, but I would like to bring one of major issues affecting me and all my class mates to your eyes. It is the problem of high tuition cost of Paying for college. I am a junior in high school and I am faced with the opportunity of higher education and so are my class mates. However, when you run the numbers on tuition and all the cost of going to college, it turns many kids away. This is a major issue, because this price inflation is pushing kids away from the chance of going to college and getting good job.

As a student, I never thought about the price of college until I got to high school and began hearing more about college and the reasons for going. As I began to look into tuition prices I was appalled by what I found. I discovered that the average price of tuition this year was between $10,000 and $20,000. This made me wonder about how college was for people a few years ago, so I did some research and discovered that in 1980 tuition price was around $2,712 and this year it had risen to a staggering $9,410 for in state universities and $23,893 for out of state universities. According to College Board it is predicted that the average college tuition price will be $46,368 in 2020. It is quite noticeable how steadily the price of college tuition is rising annually. Due to this rise in price there are many more students not going to college nowadays. They are figuring that there is not any possible way for them to afford these high prices, and for many students in high school this is the truth and there is nothing they can do. I know that there are a lot of grants and scholarships to help the financial problem of college, but they are still not doing everyone justice. Some people didn’t do well in school, but they want to turn their lives around, go to college, and make something of themselves. However, they can’t do it because of the tight financial problems. After I thought about this problem, I began to do some research on why tuition prices were so high and this lead me to a very unbelievable answer. Due to these grants and scholarships, tuition prices have begun rising to compensate for the money they lose because of these grants and scholarships. You might think that you are getting a good deal by getting grants and scholarships, but you are actually paying what colleges want and then you think you’re getting a good deal. Therefore, if you can get enough of these grants and scholarships, you can go for a cheaper price. Unfortunately for the ones who can’t get these, they have to pay a very high price which isn’t fair.

So as the President of the United States, I greatly encourage you to look into this ever growing issue and please help out the kids who are having financial trouble. I believe that a good solution for this problem would be to take away some of these grants which would drive the college tuition prices down so students could have a better chance of affording college and receiving a good education.