Hunter W. Indiana

Education Reform

A look at what really needs to be reformed in Education.

Dear Future President,

I write to you as both an American and a human. Humans need to advance as a race; it is what we have done for our entire existence. We need to be driven towards science and art in order to achieve that advancement. That is where I beg of you to intervene and give the push we so desperately need. That push, or change if you will, starts in the school system. Our school system focuses greatly on college readiness rather than learning and knowledge. We focus on the stuff we have deemed as college classes that order you to memorize rather than learn. We need a reform towards studying the sciences and arts more, and away from standardized testing and uniform schooling. Students have different strengths and in order to garner the most from a student we must cater their education towards their strengths and passions rather than make everyone the same. One of the greatest times in human history in terms of advancement came when we focused on the arts and sciences, the Renaissance. For us as Americans another such time was in the 1950s and we subsequently developed many new inventions that are now part of everyday life. We are currently in a time of stagnation, and we must break free from it, so I ask that you use your power as the leader of this nation to invest in the future by reforming our school system.

It is clear that our school system needs to be reformed if not for the future, then for our countries rankings in the world. The US is ranked 14, 17, and 25 in reading, science, and mathematics respectively. Do we really want to leave the future of the most powerful nation on Earth in the hands of students who rated average by the world standards? Great changes need to be made in order to ensure a successful future, whether your idea of human success is advancement as a species or if it is the maintenance of the country in which you currently lead. The future is built by the current students, but like an architect designing a skyscraper, they need to have the proper teaching and knowledge in order to create something that lasts. Both my parents work at a school system, and I am a student who has lost interest in school like so many others. We all know that change is needed and we are relying on you to make that change. Lead us to a more Romantic style of schooling, with focuses on science and the arts and less focus on standardized testing and college readiness. School should be used to teach us how to think not what to think. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and as a proud American who is hoping that you will lead us well, and help lead our future generations.