Avery B. Indiana

Gun Policy in America

Using facts and opinions, you will learn about the lack of gun laws in America, and how I intend to change them.

Gun Policy in America

“The U.S. is known for it’s love of guns.” That’s a quote from a video released in June of 2015. America shouldn’t be known for the love of guns. We should be known for what the government wanted, to be the land of opportunity. Gun control is important to me because there have been more than enough shootings in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most include teens my age. This means that my life is at risk, as well as many other teens in my city.

As a matter of fact, in 2015 there were over 20,000 Americans killed by gun violence in the US. Guns are an unsafe and a deadly weapon, that need to be taken seriously. Many disagree that heightening the gun laws won’t stop any other laws from being broken. Or it won’t stop criminals from gaining access to guns. Then again, if my idea becomes a law, having illegal guns will again put these criminals in prison.

In view of the citizens of the U.S.A. the law that I propose is; Require background checks and mental health reports before gaining access to any kind of gun (hand gun, rifle, etc.) Requires all gun permit applicants to be fingerprinted. Then also having a gun offender registry. These are three of many laws that are passed in the 20 states that made more laws after the Sandy Hook shooting. The same laws need to be passed in the other 30 states, for the US to be safer from dangerous gun owners. I will first talk to the House of Representatives about the small shootings that don’t get recognition on the national news channels. Then when speaking with the Senate, I will tell them about the large number of shootings that have happened in the entire country. Then finally, once these laws get approved by Congress, I will meet with you, and I will go into depth with the information I've collected, and tell you how much better America will be with this new law.

In any event with a gun, whether fatal or not, it is still an incredibly dangerous weapon that should have more laws to control the risks. Putting a law into action for gun control will help the citizens remain calm in dangerous situations. I will speak to all of the people in charge so that I may help the voters feel and be safe. This is a very popular topic due to the recent shootings around the country, like the Orlando night club shooting. This law will help the next generation be safe for decades in the future.




8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana