Julan Indiana

Environment/Climate Change

My letter is about why we should use more renewable sources in the world.

October 27, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

My topic is about the environment and climate change and my subtopic is about using renewable resources. In the text from Renewable Energy Pros and Cons it says,”Renewable sources, on the other hand, are renewable, sustainable, abundant and environment friendly.”

I think this topic is important because as population of the world increases and people start using more transportation, we need to have a more affordable and renewable sources. This needs to be addressed because in the future we need to have a safe and healthy environment. Sometime we will run out of the non-renewable resources, we need to think about what are other solutions for that problem.

Furthermore, my opinion on this topic is that everyone needs to think about using renewable resources instead for the future. My evidence is that from the pros of having renewable sources, it’s saying that though we not be in a position to completely switch over to renewable energy anytime soon, but getting a good portion of renewable sources can certainly have an positive impact on our economy and environment. People may disagree with my opinion because they might look at the cons of having renewable sources more than the pros. Also they might disagree because they probably see that if global warming or climate change happens, renewable sources could actually be one of the main reasons that happens. I think my opinion is still correct because we just need to have more efficient way of using energy in a clean way for the world.

As a result, I propose that every state should use more renewable resources because we should keep the environment clean. I would get this law passed in the House of Representatives by first,I would send it to my state representative. If the representative agree with my proposing law, they would send it to the House of Representatives, then if they like it, they would get it to the committee. Then the bill is reported, debated, and voted on. Then it goes to the senate. The bill goes to the senate floor to be voted on. If it is good they send it the president. Then president approves it and signs it if it is good.

In conclusion, this topic is important to me because I think the world needs to be clean. The law I am proposing is that every state should use a renewable resource because that they should all contribute to helping the environment. I will get this passed by giving it to my state representative, then all 3 branches would have to participate. The president should focus on this because it is important to the world if we are going to have more people and more businesses using energy. They should make a change because this can really help keep the world productive in a good way for the future.



13 years old

8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana