Dominic M. Wisconsin

Gun Control in the United States

Improved gun control and regulations are necessary, but should not be banned.

Dear future president,

Of the many conflicts which you must consider while in your pursuit of the White House, I find that gun control is very important. I come from an urban area and a family that is well-acquainted with hunting, so of course I value gun rights. In my personal experiences, I have never witnessed a shooting or homicide, but from the media I have heard of all the mass shootings and other mishaps. Gun violence is definitely something that needs attention.

According to one study, gun fatalities in states with weaker laws are more than three times as high as in states with tougher restrictions. This suggests that gun control would be a reasonable solution to mass shootings and homicides. This also shows the success of regulations.

I realize that while running for president, you would most likely take a stance based off of what people want, but more than anything it should be about what is right. Taking guns away from people who are using them responsibly, or who use them for hunting purposes, would be irrational. I’m sure if we took guns away from everyone in the country, the result would be tragic. Prohibiting alcohol in the United States didn’t work very well; why would it work any better for guns? Aside from that, there are other factors which need to be considered.

There are the problems of stereotypes, uneducated users, and second-hand use of guns. Are all people who have a concealed weapon doing so with bad intentions? No, guns are a means of self-defense. As well, many voters chose not to have training in how to properly use a firearm. As it is in the voice of the citizens, it should be heard and recognized. But this wouldn't help the situation; it would only make it worse. Gun training should be mandatory, as is drivers' education. Finally, what can one do in order to stop the second-hand use of guns? There is no perfect solution. But banning guns would only create more criminals in the United States.

In a society filled with anxiety and anger, I think it is necessary to have improved gun control. Not absolute extermination of guns, but the close inspection of them. 

Sincerely, Dominic J. Maier