Eleri B. Wisconsin

Women's Equality in the Armed Forces

Women are not being treated equally to their male counterparts.

Dear Future President of the United States,

I may not have someone in my family currently serving for our country, but I believe the people (male and female) should be treated equally for equally hard work.

In our forces, families take great pride in their loved ones who go out to protect the country they love. But not everyone is expected to their greatest potential, like women. The standards that men must meet are being stretched lower and lower for women to be able to reach. This is lowering their self confidence as well as limiting how much they would need to strive for in the long run. Throughout history women have been less valued, whether being treated as property or only expected to do housework. It's about time that this comes to an end in our military, as well as in our larger society.

While many people are in favor of equal treatment in the military, some say that physically it can't be done. Men produce higher amounts of testosterone which enhances their endurance, while women have higher amounts of estrogen making them capable of bearing a child. This is also why it is said men have more upper body strength, so in the field a woman might not be capable of performing such tasks such as pulling a fellow combatant out of the line of fire without difficulty.

I would hope in your best interest, in mine, and in many others', that we can come to expect more from and for women in the armed forces and in general as well.


Eleri Beal

Madison Country Day School

English 10

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