Victoria R. Wisconsin

Our (Changing) Environment

The disfigurement of our environment is a problem with serious ramifications that is in desperate need of a resolution.

Dear Future President,

The earth is not what is was 9,000 years ago or what it will be 200 years from now. It goes through phases, some less extreme than others, but is constantly reinventing itself. We would expect, based on that idea, that in 200 years the planet will be the product of natural evolutionary mechanics. However, humans have distorted this organic phenomena. Today, because of global warming, glacial ice melts at an accelerated pace and raises sea levels. With coastlines that are being inundated, “It’s as if the country was being attacked along every border, simultaneously,” explains climate scientist and rising sea expert, Andrea Dutton. “It’s a slow, gradual attack, but it threatens the safety and security of the United States.”

I see climate change as a very real, very frightening topic because we can’t control a power so much stronger than our own. During torrential flooding, heat waves, or tornadoes, we cannot wave a magic wand that instantaneously stops the disaster. Instead, we wait out the storm, helping those who are in immediate danger, then try to limit the damage done. Both are very worthwhile actions, but they serve no long-term purpose. We move on after a tragedy has struck, and hope that another won’t occur - but they have and they will. That is where we need to change. The facts are undeniable - climate change is real problem. By definition it is something that needs to be overcome. We need to understand what we are doing to our environment, how it is affecting us, and the steps we need to take to reverse some of the foul play.

The outcome of any problem, colossal or minuscule, is dependent on what we choose to do. No problem can be solved if it is disowned, especially environmental degradation which is molded by every single action we make. That is why it is so incredibly important to me, but also why it should be significant to you, too, as the future president of the United States of America.



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