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Education In America

A discussion of the importance of education in America

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

I am a sophomore at a private high school in Madison, Wisconsin. Fortunately for me, I have gone to good schools my whole life and have been raised to love learning and value my education. I believe that education is important not only in improving our society but also individuals. Unfortunately, the American education system is need of assistance. It will be up to you and your administration to do something about it.

The education of young people in America today is an important subject because the children who are in school now will soon be the adults that shape our society and change how our country works. Currently the high school graduation rate in America is 83 percent, an all-time high. We may be at a record graduation rate, but 83 is still pretty far from 100 percent of all high school students graduating on time. Yes, some students do not complete their education in time for reasons that cannot be fixed by simply improving the school system. However, for the education system to work as well as it can, from the start schools and educators need to help nurture students’ willingness to learn and enthusiasm for knowledge in addition to teachers’ desire to be there and assist students.

Too often I have seen people around my age make simple grammar and math mistakes, fail to read an analog clock, and have trouble performing other tasks that some consider trivial and easy. These are skills that not only help people with life in general but can help them in their search for colleges or jobs by improving their essays or resumes. These skills are taught in some schools and should be taught in all schools, but if there is no standard of education and the learning environment does not change for the better, future generations of students will continue to struggle.

In recent years, changes have been made to the education system nationwide. These changes may have contributed to the recent rise in graduation rates, but they have also contributed to the lowered teacher satisfaction rates. If the teachers are not happy, they will not teach well, the students will not be happy, and any improvements educationally will be worthless.

So, Mr. or Mrs. President, please consider changing and improving the American school system and all the other factors that go into a good, well-rounded education. Please take into account what has and what has not worked, how the teachers and administrators feel about changes, and, perhaps most importantly, what would most benefit the students. Education is a constant concern because it is always changing and can always be improved upon, and each year more people become a part of the school system that is training future leaders of America. Education is our future, and every one of us needs to do what we can to make our country's education system the best that it can be. Please use your influence as a public and political figure to improve it for children, adults, and the future of America.


Bethany Astor

Madison Country Day School

English 10

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