Madeline Wisconsin

Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

Why homosexuality and Gay Marriage is okay.

I bet everyone knows someone who is homosexual, and they know how much this affects their life and somethings that were said to them. I also bet that everyone has heard a story on the knows about someone getting married to the same gender but there state does not allow this.  Homosexuality is no wrong because love is love. One reason that Homosexuality should be allowed, including gay marriage, is that it says so in the constitution.Lots of people say homosexuality and gay marriage is wrong because it goes against the Constitution but actually in the Constitution it states that no person shall be "deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." This means that people have the right. Yes, people can still have there opinion against it but the constitution says that homosexuals can live happily and not be told they are going against the law because they are not, most of the government realizes this.

Another reason that Homosexuality and gay marriage should be allowed is because people think this issue is important and needs to be solved. 50% of 18-29 year old adults, 42% of 30-49 year old adults, 39% of 50-64 year old adults and 32% of 65+ adults said that the treatment of gay and lesbian people is "very important" to there vote in 2016. If we say that this is allowed in all states then a lot can go back to normal but if we say its not a lot of protests will happen saying the it is not right which it isn't. 

One connection I have to this situation is a family relative. He was married to a women and had children. He started to realize that the feelings he had for his wife was not romantic and he did not feel any romantic feelings for any women be he was starting to get feelings for a man. He talked to his wife about this and she respected everything he said, they did divorce. The man is together with another man and is happy and the wife is also happy, they are still friends and still see each other as friends. He still sees his children also. Some people can't control these feelings and fortunaly there is people who think it is ok, but they could feel ashamed and that they are doing something wrong because of the things that have been said saying that homosexuality is wrong.

As I said before love is love. Love is no different if it to someone of the same gender. Everyone knows a story of someone being treat wrong or can't get married because they are homosexual. People can not control these feelings and their feelings are not wrong or disgusting. This is an important issue that needs to be solved right away.