Armando Indiana

Gun control

Gun control needs to be enforced.

Dear future president 

    The number of gun deaths has been rising so they should enforce backround checks because checks because of so many shootings and people getting shot for no reason many school shootings are happening which make many peoples families very sad so they need more backround checks and they shouldn't let people who got arrested have a gun based on there past but if they didn't get arrested for gun violence before then they should be able to have a firearm. 

They should ban guns in certain places and for certain use and do way better backround test.You can pretty much get a gun without even trying.The checks should be stronger.These could help with so many deaths and shootings.

If many people agreed to these. Rules it could make a huge change in deaths and shootings.The deaths rates per year would go way down.It could make a big change and help a lot of families.

Sincerely Armando from Indiana