Charlie B. Wisconsin


I believe Deportation should be stopped so that we can reunite families and not separate them.

Dear Mr. President

Deportation is a very serious issue that needs to be abolished in this country. I want you to do something positive about this issue and don't deport many people back to their home countries. I want a them to have a secure path to citizenship so they may have better jobs and they can go to school and learn how to read and write in english.

There are many reasons that deportation should be stopped and I could go on and on but I have decided to stick with these three reasons. One point of reasoning to stop deportation is that there are 4.5 million undocumented minors living in the U.S currently. This needs to change because we need to have them with an adult figure or a parent so that they are not living alone. Another reason that deportation needs to end is that many many MANY families are being torn apart in one way or another. Once families reach the U.S the parents can either be the illegal immigrant or they can be the legal immigrants and the kids can be illegal. This can either take the children away from the parents forcing them to live in possibly a hostile country mostly on their own or the parents can be deported and the children may be left alone in our country. My final reason is sort of connected to my previous reason and it is that many children may be left in the U.S with an uncertain future and possible danger. If a parent gets deported from this country and a child is born in the U.S then they are left alone in this country with no money and no guiding light per say in this strange new world. This should not happen at all because I feel that everyone has a right to citizenship and that everyone should be a citizen and no children should be left alone in this country.

Mr. President I hope you will take this message into consideration that I have given my reasons for. Deportation is wrong and no immigrant should be deported to that we have no minors in the U.S and that no children are left alone and no families are torn apart. 


Charlie B.