lesley s. California

Why should we elect the future president?

Do their plans benefit us as a country?

Dear President,

     What are your plans to make the American citizens as well immigrants safe from deportation and gun controls? As I have seen the debates there are many people who seem to disagreeing on open trade, walls being built around America or abolishing the 2nd amendment that will “seem like a good idea,” when it’s not. Including how many graduates from university are unemployed and how many are being worried how to pay college tuition.

     Many citizens have been terrified of who will win and scared that this will affect their life and their children based on the results they have heard from the presidential candidates. Like Mr. Trump who wants to deport every immigrant, that many family members are terrified that they’ll be next. Including me, how I worry what if we’re next to be deported just because we’re a different race and not a pure American; but that’s what makes America great by many cultures and different race at peace with no discrimination taking a place with everyone accepting us who aren’t born here. Not by building a wall separating everyone who wants to have the same equal rights as we do in America.

    Including how they controlled the gun policy at Chicago by banning guns trying to make the streets better when they have been getting worst.  In the 1st  debate you said that you were going to get rid of the 2nd amendment or to try to abolish it. But in the 3rd debate you said something different that you were going to secure guns and to make sure that the owner has full rights to own the gun and to not get rid of it. What has changed your mind about changing your idea of not abolishing the 2nd amendment? Is it for the people or is it for you trying to get voters to be on your side when you noticed that the people were not going to be on your side based on what you said.

      What is your plan to make college tuition free and to not make the taxes go higher than what it is today? Many college and high school students worry about how their future is going to be and what will outcome be when they are in and out of college. But when you say free what does it mean to you; is it going to be actually free and without high raise in taxes or free and high in taxes? Many suggest that it is not a good strategy to have free college because many do not see the point of it because if we do get free college tuition then there is going to be a high in taxes and we do not want to pay more taxes apart from paying more bills. Sometimes I get scared because I don’t know what will be the outcome when I'm in college and out of college due to the rise in taxes that can create other people to lose jobs than to create jobs that you promoted.

      To this letter Mr. or Mrs. president think thoroughly about your decisions when you speak about your plans to public. Than to cause a massive disturbance and hatred that the citizens have towards you and to not offend those who supported you. So my question toward to our new future president is why should we elect you and will our country be great again?


                    Sincerely, U.S. Citizen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lesley                                                                                                                              



John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 A / Period 2

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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