AlexisL Texas

against animal testing

Dear future president, Are you aware that more than 100 million animals are tested each year?They are being tortured for human products and research. Many of the helpless animals will die during testing and the rest will be killed. Many name brand products such as Elf, Wet n’ Wild, and Alba Botanica have seen the horror of what is being done to the helpless animals and have stopped testing on them. A website by the name of Peta has spoken about animal abuse and millions have followed. I understand that if we don’t test animals then we won't have anything else to test on. So here is what I propose, We create stricter laws on what is allowed in animal testing. These laws should reduce animal suffering and state that the animals should be treated with respect and care. If animal testing is to continue then the animals must not be abused. Peta says, “animals are not ours to eat,to wear, to experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other form.” Yet millions of animals are locked inside barren cages in labs across the country sitting in fear of the experiments. Which is not only inhumane, it is completely unfair to them because they can't respond on the situation. Animals such as bunnies, mice, rats, hamsters, cats and dogs are all used for testing of cosmetic and hair care products as well as chemicals, drugs and food. In the U.S., these animals are able to be shocked, burned, drowned, starved, injected with harmful and addictive drugs, and even receive direct brain damage. After the animal is put through these “tests”, they are not allowed to be treated with painkillers and are either thrown back into a cage to suffer and die, or to be killed immediately. Americans need to become aware of how animals are treated and abused throughout our country, especially our future president. There are many issues in our world today but animal testing and abusing is one of the largest concerns in our world. Because of helpless animals who have the right to live, they are being brutally tortured for the benefit of humans. As president, I hope that you can become aware of these issues and help to educate our fellow Americans so we can work together to resolve the issue of animal testing. These animals do not deserve such cruel treatment and I hope that with your help we are able to work towards a change to better the lives of innocent animals. Sincerely, Alexis L