Brian North Carolina

Lower Gun Controll

The government is slowly trying to wrongfully take away people's guns and are encroaching in on the second amendment.

 Dear Mister President,

I would like to write to you about one of the biggest problems facing America today, which is the government slowly encroaching on the people's second amendment.The government has taken rights away from the people with no admirable reason to do so, and they have tried to incriminate guns as something capable of voluntary actions and have marked them as a monster and have failed to educate people on them furthering their incrimination.

The government has passed laws like Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which banned assault rifles. This is just one of hundreds of laws that they have made that restrict guns or gun owners .The main problem with these laws is that they are not stopping crime, but they are only taking guns from people who listen to the government thus making them defenseless to those who don't obey the law because a criminal will get a gun no matter what the law says.

The US has one of the largest gun amounts per capita in the world. The US also ones 42% of the world's guns, and the USA is ranked 104 in the World for homicide victims. I think that this number is partly due to the amount of guns owned both by cops and people using guns they are stopping crime. Even if someone carries a gun, they might never need it or stop any crime with it, but it is there and makes them feel safe, and they then have one less fear in the World, and I would hope this election you prove that you see the good in guns and will do and work to educate and break down the barriers that past presidents have made.


Ross D.

PS: (make America great again)