Elijah D. Kentucky

Gun Control

Gun control is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious issue.

Dear Future President,

 Gun control is something I think you should keep track on. Background checks, rules on how and where to use guns, and how many you can carry at a time are just 3 things that should be kept in mind while talking about gun control.

  The first reason I said was background checks. Background checks would be a good idea because you need to know who you are selling a dangerous object to. If they have a criminal record no matter how small they should not be able to buy a gun. They shouldn't because once they commit one crime they will have the idea to commit another one. (This may not be the case with everyone but it is the case for most) Without the background check the person with the gun could cause a mass shooting or just simply scare people and still cause a lot of trouble. Then that person would go back to jail and possibly cause the man who sold the gun to him go to jail also. Background checks are just very important to help stop shootings, fear in people, and send more innocent to jail. The next way gun control should be thought of is rules on how and where you arae able to use a gun.

 So the next thing that should be thought of while thinking about gun control is how and where you should use guns. This is good because some people might just want to have a gun for protection or they want to start hunting. Guides for how to use guns would be amazing for these people. If they hunt then they could take lessons from experienced people to help prevent accedental death or injuries. Or for people who have it just to have an extra thing for protection having somebody come over and show them how to use it in case of emergencies. Also rules on where to use guns is imortant. Some people might not know where they are aloud to be seen with a gun and get in trouble. Or if they are hunting and aren't experienced and miss what they are shooting at it could accidentally hit somebody. So overall learning how to use a gun and where to use a gun is also a good way to help gun control. But my last thing to help gun control is how many guns you are aloud to have at a time.

 Knowing how many guns you are aloud to carry at a time could be very helpful in many ways. One way is to make people feel safe. Some people don't feel safe with only one gun. But besides making people safe lets talk about people beeing safe. Multiple fire arms on one person could cause a lot more deaths. It could provide more openings or experiences for shootings to happen. Like I said in the last example if people see someone with a gun but in this case multiple guns they would freek. So being able to carry multiple guns makes you feel more safe but along with that there is the feeling of power and strength. This could lead some people to go crazy and make them feel they can do anything and make them feel invincible. Like I stated earlier this isn't the case for everyone but it is for some. 

 Thats 3 things that you should keep in mind while talking about gun control. Background checks, gun rules and where to use them, and finally knowing how many guns you can carry at a time.

 Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                      Elijah D.                                                                                                                                                                        Louisville, Kentucky