Michael D. Minnesota


Better ways to handle the problem of immigration.


Dear Future President,

I think immigrants are and always will be a problem of in the future if we do nothing about it. For an example, if we spent more money to get better ways to screen people and make it safer for them and all Americans. Refugees are trying to find a better life. Without doubt they should be let in but again with proper screening to insure safety since they are coming from a very hostile environment and could potentially be dangerous. If we successfully do this it will cut down on the concern of letting unsafe refugees and could potentially cut down on crime.

I am a 14 year old boy and this topic interested me because I want to make sure my fellow Americans grow up in a safe environment to learn, work and do everyday tasks as well as people seeking for a better life. “Estimates of the size of the illegal alien population currently living in the U.S. range from about 15.7million to over 19.7 million people” according to the colorado alliance for immigration reform. Those are a lot of jobs that could be handed to Americans in need or in search of work. To cut done on the illegal immigrants we could take both volunteers and paid workers to patrol the borders and more security at security checkpoints.

We need to unite as one to improve immigration policies in order to make it harder for illegal immigrants to sneak into the U.S and take jobs that could have been given to Americans in need like the 39,471 homeless veterans “according to the national coalition homeless veterans” and “Hessbrook”.

I personally think that you the future president could help publicize and possibly start a movement to achieve these goals. This relates to the global goal of “peace and justice’’ because it shows how we can deal with is problem. This is important for your next agenda because this will make more jobs for Americans and make America an even safer place to live.


Michael Driscoll 

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

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