Olivia V. Michigan

Dear Future President

The becoming problem of immigration is growing fast, The violence, drugs and the loss of jobs all due to immigration. Most immigrants come to the U.S to find jobs so that they can have money and to have a better life for them and their families. Immigration has been a problem for years but has increased over the years by millions, immigrants are taking up all the jobs that U.S citizens should have and nobody has tried to do anything about it.


Immigrants cause a lot of problems, if the U.S. would increase border control security, it could attempt to limit the number of people who cross the border and maintaining better surveillance at those who arrive at border crossing points. If the U.S. would double up on the deportation of illegal immigrants then that could also control the immigration problem. Immigrants have a huge part in the the reason why american citizens don’t have jobs.     

 There are many ways we can keep immigrants we can keep immigrants out of our jobs too, we can increase the punishment for the businesses employing illegal immigrants. If we were to do this then it would give the incentive for companies to increase their diligence when hiring immigrants to ensure they are in the country legally. Proponents of this policy believe it could help curb immigration. Immigration would not be as much as a problem because most immigrants are in the U.S. trying to find jobs and if we were to do this then they would come trying to find jobs in the U.S.. 

There is another way to cut down on immigration, the DREAM act, the DREAM standing for the development, relief, and education for alien minors. Although it was not passed by congress the president Barack Obama announced that he would not deport illegal immigrants out of the country if they qualified under the DREAM act. This way people who come here before they were 16 and then stays here for 5 years will not get deported out of the country.         

This is what i would do if i were the president of the U. S. there would be no immigration problems or anything i would make sure to enforce the law on anybody who tries to cross the border illegally they need to cross legal.                                Sincerely, Olivia Villalobos

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

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