Nicholas M. New Hampshire

What animals should we save

Which endangered animals should we save and why.

Dear future President,

I believe the problem with animals going extinct is a bigger deal than people think it is. There are countless animals on the endangered list that are going extinct. Many of the animals may be worth saving, but some may not be important to the environment. Which animals are worth saving and which ones aren't necessary to the environment?

Some animals if they go extinct will disrupt the entire food chain. For example if there was a fish that went extinct on the very most bottom of the food chain that would cause their predator to get no food, When that happens that predator will eat all of those fish causing them to go extinct and that will follow up the food chaining eventually coming to affect us. If we don't save specific animals it can drastically affect us.

Bees, bees were recently added to the endangered species list. Without bees we would have to manually pollinate avery plant we have. Bees help keep our earth stay alive they pollinate every plant we have. If we have to hand pollinate every thing ourselves it would one take a long time, and we would have to be doing it constantly.

My personal favorite animal is the Red panda. They are currently endangered and the thing is they aren't very necessary. As much as I like them and want them to make a comeback we need to focus more on the species that are vital to our ecosystem and food chain. Ants they aren't endangered but they’re an animals we should make sure dont. Ants they help keep the environment clean, they help decompose by feeding off organic waste, insects, and other dead animals. Carpenter ants make their nests in dead or diseased wood, which incredibly speeds up the decomposing process.

Bats are another vital animal for humans survival and food needs. Bats consume millions of pest insects each year. Farmers are grateful to bats because they save billions of dollars of crops each year, while reducing the need for chemical pesticides.


Nicholas Mazur

Exeter High School

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