Garrett Texas

Gun Rights

we need our guns

Hi my name is Garrett and i live in Texas and we love our guns and we love to use that's why we need the SECOND AMENDMENT so we can use our guns for good and i know that guns can be used for bad thing but when you put them to good they bring peace if we did not have our guns then how could we have won all of our wars if we did not have guns how could we stop the bad guys if we did not have gun how could we save lives and i know if we did not have gun there would be a lot less crime but with gune we can stop most of the crimes in our lives and HIllary want to take them away or make it harder to buy them  

animal abuse  is it really that hard to take care of one animal all you have to do is to by two bowls and dog food and the people that fight them and look all mean all they really are is little girls and that think they are big and bad because they fight dog they and bad they just scared to fight themselves and when you beat a dog that's just wrong if you beat a dog you have know humanity they can't fight back and when they do its because they are tired of getting hit and all the pitbulls that everybody think  are dangerous they aren't born that way they were raised that way