Odalys M. North Dakota

Equity inside America

It is not fair how the LGBT community gets affected by the lack of acceptance inside this country.

Dear future President:

I, as an alien in this country due to education, want to improve America, so I invite you to help me end discrimination, for it has chased us since the dawn of men and it is a problem America still endures.

According to a January 14 article by the website “BrandonGaille” titled “37 Shocking LGBT Discrimination Statistics,” point number 35 is, “Half of teens that come out as being LGBT state that their parents have had a negative reaction to the news. 1 in 4 report that their parents kicked them out of the home.” According to the same article, point number 36 is, “Studies indicate that between 20 and 40 percent of all homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender,” which follows the point made before.

One of my friends, Kuan, is genderfluid, and gay; he was afraid to tell his parents about his sexual preferences and his gender, just in case his parents had negative reactions towards him and were to take a negative decision for him regarding education, opportunities, money, or even hospitality. It is not fair for Americans to be treated in such an unfair way, that is why I ask you to give a speech televised on how we can end the discrimination that walks among us, uniting us all as a whole nation.

American should be a better place for all Americans; that is why I invite you to take a stand, and give a speech.


Odalys M