anna k. Georgia


LGBTQ rights

Future President,

This country, as you know, is filled with LGBTQ members that are getting mentally and physically abused, teased, bullied, and threatened. For example, a few months ago a shooting took place in Orlando, Florida at a gay bar, Pulse, and killed about 50 people. The shooter’s reasoning for that event was because being gay was against his religion. Although we can’t control what people say and/or do, we should be able to help and take better care of them.

It is known that most LGBTQ community members feel ashamed or scared of who they are. They walk around getting judged by everything they do. They are just a normal as people who are straight or people who have never changed their body parts. We shouldn’t judge them based on who they love or based on what they want to do with their life. It’s their decision not ours, so people who judge other people for that need to learn how to accept someone for who they are, especially parents.

The United States has a really high number of suicides and suicide attempts. Most of the suicides and suicide attempts are from people who are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. The cause of these death attempts are because of friends or people that don’t accept them or parent who don’t accept their children for who they are. Out of everyone parents should support them through their change, but some parents will make their kid feel ashamed, or disown them because of who they want to be and that can cause suicide. Another cause for suicides is if they “don’t come out of the closet”. They are just scared for being shamed, judged, or made fun of for it. So they bottle up all these feelings, emotions, stress, depression and then they just want to end it all and sometimes they end up doing just that. They end it by taking their own lives away instead of talking to someone about it.

Some people say “being gay or transgender is a sin to God” or “why would you want to change your gender, God made you this way for a reason”. I have to disagree with these statements because people who change their genders feel as if they were born the wrong gender. Most people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer don’t believe in God so technically they are not sinning or doing anything wrong. On the other hand some LTBTQ’s do believe in God and yes being gay and transgender is a sin, but God finds a way to forgive people for their sins.

You are now the president of this country and you have to do something about keeping them safe and taking better care of them. Some things you can do to make that happen are giving transgender people their own bathroom, give them better medicines, and if their parents get rid of them don’t send them somewhere where they are not safe. As a Christian supporter of gays, lesbians, transgenders, and queers, I strongly suggest you take what I’ve said into consideration. I know we cannot help with words, threats and all of that but we could still try to keep them safe and healthy. Keep in mind that they are just normal people like everyone else and they did not do anything wrong to deserve all this pain and suffering.


Anna Kate