Cici m. New Mexico


my name is CiCi and live in Albuquerque and i want to address the information on abortion.

Dear Future Mr./Mrs. President

In America, 47% of adults are pro choice.

Too many people they think that abortion is a bad idea. At some moments it can be bad, but is it really for other people. Abortion is an issue that has been talked about and discussed but people obviously haven't really addressed it that much. Abortion can be a good thing. some examples of abortion being a good thing is; what if a teenager gets pregnant and they can't  financially support a child. If that happens we can't just expect them to go to drop out of school and get a job because if you don't finish school what are you going to do. Another reason is what if a girl gets raped, who would want to have a kid from a person they don't know and didn't want to know in the first place. You can't really expect girls to be the problem why they get raped. I think that this is an important topic because abortion is a situation that is your own choice.

                  In my opinion, I think that abortion can have another side.  Sometimes teenagers can get pregnant and maybe they cant afford it. If you make teens pay for what they accidentally have done, the economy will go down when those teens cant pay bills. another way its good is it can help a girl who maybe got raped doesn't want her captors kid so she wants to get rid of it thats a way she can stop that issue.

                 I'd like to thank the future president and hope he / she addresses this issue in everyday possible. I hope your time serving is a great experience. I hope you make great choices while in office.