Chris Martinez New Mexico

Educating Us

Giving money to education to develop study habits that will help all students succeed

Congratulations on winning the election. I want to take this time early on to ask that you set aside more money for the education system in our country. We all have different ways of learning. I am not a good test taker and having Dyslexia does not help at all. Those students that have good study techniques learn better. I think that would reduce the stress that students like me have when taking a test. It would be kind of like a personality test. Once the school system determined how the student learned the best, they would take the test in that particular way.

In one of our English assignments, we used the TED talks. I read about Introverts. I think I am an introvert. By being able to identify with them, I know realize that I am not stupid when I do not understand why something is done in a group environment. I have talk myself some coding in order to learn a new game. Once our interest are excited, we learn better and faster. If I wanted to be a game designer, I would like someone to show me how geometry is used. I realize if I want a bullet to knock out a zombie, I would have to know how to figure out the relationship between a point (bullet) and a zombie’s face (surface).

Putting money in the education system can never be a waste of money. If teachers had money to use state of the art teaching tools, they students would want to learn and would in some way give back by volunteering to teach a study technique they learned. This would bring out the best in everyone.

I would appreciate hearing back from you on this topic.

Sincecerly, Chris M.