Yoona L. New York

Problems in the United States

Some of the problems that I focus on are wages, homelessness, discrimination, global warming, and education.

Dear Next President,

I congratulate you for being the 45th president. I am here to talk about the problems of the United States. There are many problems in the United States, and one of them is wages. Everything is getting expensive, but employees of the United States still get the same amount of wages. For example, when people earned $100, the water bill was $50. But now, the water bill is $150 and people still earn $100. That really isn’t fair.

In addition, there are a lot of homeless people in the United States. I feel that you should help them out. Almost every time I go out, I see homeless people. There are approximately 633,732 homeless people in the United States. Some of them are veterans who have sacrificed for us! I believe that they have a right to a home, food, and clothing. They risked their lives and fought for us. Now I think its time to pay them back.

Another big problem is discrimination. People discriminate against people everywhere. This includes school, workplaces, and in stores. Also, in schools, kids discriminate against each other and it’s becoming a big problem because it hasn’t happened only once or twice. I wish you could try to change that not only in schools, but everywhere around the United States.

Although there are many problems in the United States, the most important one is global warming and it gets more serious every second. If you let this problem continue, the consequences will get bigger. This is why I think we should take a step forward as a nation and fix the problem. If you don’t, the consequences will get worse and lead to rising temperature, stronger hurricanes, and more. This will be a big problem for the citizens and will endanger our lives. So, I am asking you as a student, if you could please work on stopping global warming.

The last thing that I want to say is that education is the future of America. If you and the government make college so expensive, it won’t be fair because not everyone can afford a college education. I think that you should lower the price for college so that everyone who wants a certain job can get the necessary training from a college program.

I thank you for reading this because I think you became president to be the voice for all of us. I believe and trust in you to work on these issues.