Brian A. California

College Institution

The cost of education is immensely high for those who value their education and wish to continue.

Dear Future President,

I hope you are doing well. Every year, many people don’t have the enthusiasm to attend college. The main reason is clearly the cost of college. In the United States, we have many educated people but many of them aren’t attending college nor plan to, simply because they are in the lower income class of the spectrum. Without proper education for these intelligent individuals, their knowledge slowly decreases, and thus they are losing a valuable opportunity of receiving a good education just because they could not afford the cost of going to school.

Our rank in educated population has slowly decreased as the years have progressed. The U.S. ranks 14th in education. According to Pearson, the United States has a “cognitive skills and educational attainment” score of 0.39. Our country doesn’t even make the top 10 countries with enriched knowledge. We have very good colleges here such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UCLA. Our schools are in the dreams of many of our youths in our country and one of the best in the world but yet, we aren’t even in the top 5 percent of the most education. Take a look at our rankings in terms of math and science. According to the International Comparison of Math, Reading, and Science Skills, the United States ranks 25th in terms of mathematics and 12th in reading and 20th in science. Clearly, these numbers aren’t comparable to our prestige colleges offered in our country. Our country isn’t top 10 nor within the top 1% in any of the rankings. Our education system is clearly not being cared for properly. Many future college students, such as myself, want a good education without a great cost.

The government should be regulating education in this country, mainly the community and public colleges. Our freedom of education is clearly unreachable with the costly tuition and adding in the boarding fees and books and essential items. That’s already more than most can afford just to go to school to learn. It’s very harsh.

With better educated citizens, the better jobs they will be able to obtain and succeed in.

The education of this country is at stake. With college costs tremendously high, this clearly discourage students to attend college. Our nation's ranking in terms of math and science is not as high it could possibly be. Simply, if college, such as public institutions and community, were free, more students would feel entitled to their freedom of education and expand their knowledge. Education is the most powerful tool that can change the world.


                  A Future College Student