Blaze M. New York

Minimum Wage

My concerns about raising the minimum wage

Dear Future President,

I would like to discuss a subject that I have been thinking about lately. In about five months I will be able to get a job. I will probably be working at a minimum wage job considering most high paying jobs won't want to hire a fourteen year old. My concern is can anybody actually live off of $7.25 an hour. I still have a house to go to after work and school so I don't need to worry about that but what about the people that don’t?

I see both ups and downs to raising the minimum wage. One benefit I see is people will actually be able to live and provide for a family off of a minimum wage pay. But I also see many consequences if you were to raise it too high. One such consequence is workers being laid off of their jobs due to the company not wanting to or being unable to pay the employees.  Also prices raising on products thus causing inflation. Both consequences together can cause incredible rates of unemployment and poverty.

I think the minimum wage should be raised but only to about ten or eleven dollars and it should be raised all at once.