Ella New Jersey

Letter To President

Dear Future President, I am always out on the water and on the beach. Mostly every time I am, I see garbage. “An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash, much of it plastic, is dumped into the world's oceans every year” claims plasticbank.org. The ocean needs to be kept clean. I know that a lot of people think the same as me, and we can make a change. No one feels good about seeing garbage on the ground or in the water. It affects animal life in the water. According to theunknownfeminist.wordpress.com “Over 250 known species have ingested or become tangled in plastic garbage.” Most of the animals need to eat a lot of food and are always looking for some. They could think that trash is food and that leads to them choking and getting tangled in it. “100,000 mammals are killed each year from consuming plastic in the ocean” explains oceancrusaders.org. “A single plastic bag can kill over 100 dolphins.” The germs and bacteria that comes from the garbage can also get the animals sick. My mom always used to cut the plastic rings around soda cans and water bottles, so they didn’t choke animals if they ever got out there. Another reason is it isn’t healthy for us people. “The plastic garbage has toxins which are really bad. Toxins come from lead, cadmium, mercury and more. The toxins affect the fish that eat the toxins. Then, we eat those fish,” states 5Gryes.org. From eating this from the fish, we can be affected in many ways. “Some of the ways we can be affected are cancer, birth defects, and immune system problems. Also, the types of plastics have BPA break down into the water which cause more problems” concludes “The ocean creates half of the air we breathe.” claims greenpeace.org. It can't be good for us that there is garbage all over the place. The ocean created half of the air we breathe, and we are trashing it. In the end that means we are just hurting ourselves, and the environment too. Lastly, it affects the environment. “It can damage the ecosystems, threats plant, and animal life in and out of the water.” exclaims worldwidelife.org. There are islands of trash literally out at sea. The first one is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the other is the Atlantic garbage patch. I looked these up and the images were really upsetting. They are filled with trash until the eye can see. Finally, there is the grasshopper effect which is “persistent chemicals in our bodies” from all these plastics and trash that can really do bad. I learned about the grasshopper effect from greenlivingideas.com. Some may argue that there are more important issues: terrorism, immigration, or energy. I would argue, without the ocean we wouldn’t be able to live. There would be no terrorists or immigrants because there would be no one. Like I said before, the ocean creates a lot of our air. “You aren’t going to miss your water until your well runs dry.” - Bob Marley. Bob Marley explains in his words that if we continue to trash our ocean we aren’t going to miss it until it is gone. Until it is gone and trashed to the fullest. This topic is very important because without the ocean we wouldn't be able to live. I believe this is a very important topic and it needs to be helped. The ocean is always helping us, so we should return the favor. I hope you will understand what this means to myself and others. Sincerely, Ella

Brielle Elementary

Eighth Grade Citizens

The students in the eighth grade who wished to post their letters are featured here. Students worked for several weeks in both Social Studies and Language Arts classes, crafting their arguments. They participated in Penpal Schools Decision 2016 as well as Media Literacy Week.

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