Hushen H. Georgia

Stop Cutting Trees

If we keep cutting down the trees the world will die....

Dear Next President,

So many cities have a lot of sandstorms because there are not any trees. If you have many trees then you don’t have sandstorms. I hope you can stop people from cutting down trees. We need trees; they are good for world.

Every time I travel back to my homeland, I see all of the cities have air pollution. If you let people plant trees in cities, maybe air pollution will decrease. We should make everybody plant trees where they work, and everyone's house should have at least one tree. Trust me, planting trees is the way to go. Cutting trees will only lead to reduced rainfall and dry conditions.  If someone is caught cutting down the trees, they need pay $500 to the police so they can buy small trees as replacements. If someone cuts a second tree,  that person needs to pay double the money.

If you still want people cutting down the trees, I think the world will die fast. When we lose all trees our world will die.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hushen Huang