Samantha T. New Jersey

College Education Debate

My opinion on if college education is worth it, is that it is, based on this information.

Dear President Elect: Donald Trump,

     I am Samantha T and I sent you this letter to talk about college education in the United States. This will depend on you and your government, now that you are our president. Is college education worth it? My answer is yes and I am on the pro side of this argument. This debate argues if it’s better to have students to go to college or not. What is your opinion?

     According to, 20.2 million students were enrolled in colleges and universities in 2015, compared to 13.5 million in 1990, 7.9 million in 1970, and 2.7 million in 1949. These percentages have increased over the years and shows that it is benefiting for children to go to college. I think that students in the United States and even all over the world should attend college. I respect that some don’t want to because it is too expensive or are saving money for future goals, such as marriage, houses, and retirement. According to my research, high school graduates that don’t apply to college have a bigger percentage rate of unemployment than college graduates. In April 2013, the unemployment rate for college graduates over 25 years old was 3.6% compared to 7.5% for high school graduates. That is a big difference! 70% of college graduates had access to employer-provided health insurance compared to 50% of high school graduates in the year 2008.

     How will college affect their future life? If students go to college, they make more money, have a better family life, receive a fulfilled education, and have better employment opportunities. Over 80% of college students complete internships before graduation that give them valuable employment experience before entering the job market. I know that I will go to college and that you definitely did, so you know how important it is and how it has affected your life. The median income for families headed by a bachelor’s degree holder was $100,096 in 2011, more than double than that for a family headed by a high school graduate.

     There are many different pros and cons of the college education debate and I presented you the facts and my opinions. I hope that these facts and my opinions will inspire you and other citizens to know that college education is worth it. Thank you for your time and effort in working this out. Good luck during your terms as our president!


Samantha T