Eliana New Jersey

Black Lives Really do Matter!

Black Lives Matter

Dear Future President,

I believe that Criminal Justice in America especially Black on white crime needs to be stopped. Certain people who are somewhat ignorant believe that all lives matter when they do but Black ones just happen to be in more danger when it comes to cops shooting and arresting Black people. Barack Obama has addressed this issue more than once but nothing has really been changing. African American males will be shot and the police men and women either do not go not jail or either have a short time they have to do. Donald Trump presidential nominee spent 2 days ignoring the deaths of Sterling and Castile and had only mentioned gun violence in the wake of the Dallas police massacre. Since the Black Lives Matter movement Trump and most of his supporters made the claim of all lives mattering when black ones happen to be the most in danger.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been formally met with Black Lives Matter Leaders and both support reduced sentencing for drug offenders. Some critics blame Black lives matter for making relations in America worse. The recent police shootings had led haters to call a Black Lives Matter hate group. After four years it was made Black Lives Matter is still a movement without a clear amount of understanding for a large amount of Americans.

Hillary Clinton the democratic in the presidential debate has already took hold of some Black lives Matter rhetoric by talking about systemic racism and stating at a rally “Yes Black Lives Matter”. On the other hand Donald Trump seems so worried about building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of America. As I heard before if Obama can’t do much about this problem what makes people think the next two presidential nominees can do any better but create more confusion and chaos that America already has.

Black Lives Matter has gotten a lot of hate because people are ignorant and do not really realize what is really going on.