Harrison New Jersey


Abortion...why its right

Dear Future President,

My name is Harrison and I'm in 7th Grade Honors Language Arts. I wanted to talk about why abortion is OK in some cases.

Abortions happen daily around the world. They happen because the parents  they can't support the baby doesn't want the baby or it's a painful reminder of a horrible or traumatic trauma. Yes there is such a thing as adoption but unless you’ve been in the system you shouldn’t use it as an option.

More often than not children get abused or not loved or not taken care of properly because one person or two people want money from the state. Some children never find homes to stay because people say oh we want a baby to raise all its life. Or someone might say something like oh that kid’s to sick or he looks like a mean baby or they're too old not the type of son or daughter I want. Or they might not even adopt them do to medical issues. Now ask yourself is that how you would want to be treated all your life, and I get that may not happen to everyone but what about the kids it does happen to. Are we just supposed to forget about them?! We shouldn't demean them and make them feel like they aren't as good a person as everyone else due to medical issues attitude or medical reasons. 

And what about the women who were forced into pregnancy through rape unprotected sex or  it was just an accident. Now you'd have a child on Earth who the parents don't want, being put in a system where they'd never know what type of person they would wind up with if they were to be adopted. I'd like to show you the reader a video on what happens to kids who never get adopted and age out (meaning they are now 18 an adult and no longer need to be put up for adoption) of the foster care system.  So the new question is do you still think abortion is bad???

In this video a woman who aged out of the foster care system talks about how it was hard to grow up without a family and what it's like. She also talks about how kids are homeless staying homeless shelters or are on the streets doing things they shouldn't do.