Jonathan P. Michigan

Regarding The Environment

Climate change needs to be addressed.

Future president,

Climate change is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. The people of the island-nation Kiribati are already realizing the drastic effects of it, since they are slowly migrating to Fiji since their land is being engulfed by the ocean. As pollution continues, this will become even more of a pressing issue than it already is. Furthermore, many studies state that, even if all pollution were to stop instantaneously, the sea level would still rise further due to the long-lasting effects of greenhouse gases.

In all of the world, only one nation absorbs more carbon than it emits, that nation being Bhutan. Thanks to strict regulations regarding the environment, vast forests that surround inland Bhutan negate the effect of the small amount of carbon that is emitted from the country in the first place. Statistically, Bhutan absorbs more than 6 million tons while emitting only 1.5 million tons. Additionally, Bhutan has a constitutional amendment that prohibits any less than 60% of land from being deforested. In a world of irresponsible industrialization, Bhutan stands out as an environmentally responsible nation that can function as a carbon sink.

Economically, incentive needs to be provided by the federal government to promote green energy. Idealistic notions that companies will eventually switch to clean energy by themselves is unrealistic. To accelerate the process, more funding needs to be provided towards hydroelectric dams and wind turbines.

Climate change denial is a huge issue within our politics, despite overwhelming evidence that climate change is a real issue. Denying such an event puts not only our government, but the rest of the world in danger. Coastal cities and town will face destruction in the near future if climate change initiatives are postponed. However, the oil companies lobby to politicians that climate change is not real in order to keep sales high. Such unconscionable negotiations are the reason why the general public is not overtly concerned over climate change. In order to combat this issue, we must limit the influence of large oil companies on politicians. In conclusion, we must address the inconvenient problem of climate change, and realize that we need to change in order to sustain the climate of the world.