Cora S. Michigan

A Nation of Lazy Citizens...America

The United States government has enabled its citizens to take no responsibility for their actions, this has inevitably created the inactive citizens that the United States embodies.

Mr/Mrs President,

Our country lacks the hard workers that this very nation was founded on. The United States has allowed our citizens to be lazy, we have allowed people to not seek employment, we have allowed inactive lethargic citizens here in the United States. The only question asked is, what can my government do for me? Not what can I do for my country? Our country allows my parents hard worked money to go to the lazy people of the United States who have rigged, and taken advantage of our governments systems of welfare, taxes, bridge card, Obamacare, and more.

I look at my parents. I see two hard working individuals. My father works close to 12 hours 5 days a week. My mother works 8 hours 5 days a week and works hockey games for extra money. Neither of my parents have a college degree, but they work hard with what they have. They have been married for over 24 years with 3 children together. We are the average middle class family. Where is their reward for doing it right?

By allowing our “incompetent” citizens to have the easy way out and handing them the money that they want from the United States hardworking citizen, it creates no incentive to turn their life around and to take responsibility of their misfortunes in life. Why work hard for something if someone will just give it to you without even lifting a finger? I understand that not all tax dollars go to these systems of welfare and such, however too much of it is. About 22% of my families tax dollars go to these programs, and that's just my family.

Don't misinterpret what I'm saying, I believe that we must help the people of our country with whatever we can do. However our country is going about this issue the wrong way. I believe a sufficient solution to this problem is to allow your citizens to only be on a bridge card or welfare for a certain amount of time. In Germany they allow their citizens to be on a system similar to welfare for only 2 years until they can get back on their feet. Why doesn't our country try in insert a system like this? Why doesn't our country try to make responsible citizens with incentives? Why?

Not only do my families tax dollars go to the lazy people in America, but those same lazy people don't even have to pay the same percentages of tax that middle class or wealthy have to. Despite that fact that, a lot of times they even get all their tax dollars back plus more from my parents. It only makes sense that everyone pays the same percentage of tax dollars. A single household that makes between $0-$9,275 per year only have to pay 10% of their money to tax dollars. Then the citizens that make $190,150-$413,050 have to pay 33% of their salary to their government. An American who works harder for their money and makes more should be able to keep more of their money, why should they have to give up more of their money? Everyone in America should have to pay the same percentage of their yearly salary to the government. Our country worries about everything being fair all the time, but this does not qualify as fair. This problem is often looked over but this needs to be called to attention and addressed.

Our country is so backwards on the way they operate between the wealthy, poor, and middle classes. The United States government takes from the wealthy and middle class to give to the poor. We reward the women with 14 children from 14 different fathers. We reward those who don't get married so they don't have to pay as much tax dollars. We reward those who don't put effort into looking for employment. In the big picture of this, we reward the wrong.

I see problem but I see no one taking responsibility. I see no one making a change. I see nothing done and no attention brought to this obvious complication. Where are my parents free money for getting married, for working hard, for taking responsibility for their actions? Nowhere. Our country does not reward those who do right. Instead our government rewards those who do wrong, with the money of those who do it right. I plead to you, please save our country from the inevitable future we have on this current path. Help us get back to the hard working nation that we once were.

A young concerned citizen of her beloved nation,

                                                                 Cora Snyder

Allen Park High School

APHS Advanced Placement Language and Composition

Allen Park High School is located in Southeastern Michigan. AP Lang studies rhetoric. Additionally, students produce text to narrate, persuade, and inform.

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