Jocelyn C. California

The Massive Expense of College

The cost of college is very expensive for middle class students. This letter explains that if the government cut college funding, colleges would lower their fees and college would be affordable for everyone.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I am a senior about to graduate high school, and just like most seniors I am starting to think about which colleges I would like to apply for and what I want to do for the rest of my life. There is just one problem; I cannot afford to attend an in-state university. This issue is not only affecting me and my middle income family; it is affecting other middle income families, as well. This issue could be resolved if the government would stop paying so much money toward college. Colleges get away with such high tuitions because their administration knows the government will grant money no matter the expense.

A major problem with America is the massive expense of attending college. My parents work hard for their money, and we are a typical middle income family. They are not wealthy enough to send me to a university without going into major debt, and they are not poor enough for me to qualify for ANY government assistance. The government gives millions of dollars to lower income families for college, which is explained in this article,"The federal appropriation for Pell and campus-based student aid programs in 2009-10 was $30.9 billion, which helped almost 8 million students continue their education. Much of this funding goes to undergraduate students from low-income families." (“How much does the federal government spend on student aid? | Student Aid Alliance”). The grants the government awards may help some families, but it certainly does not help mine.

The graph linked below shows, students whose parents have a lower education receive more government assistance than those from a higher education. My father does not have a college degree and my mother has an associates of science degree, but I do not qualify for any assistance because of their income level. It is unfair that families who work hard to make a decent living are expected to pay outrageous tuitions for their families as well as carrying the price of tuition for those that receive government assistance. That is why I believe that everyone, no matter their family income, should have to pay for college by themselves including the scholarships they can work hard to earn.

College tuition would be cheaper if the government would stop granting so much money for college. According to this article, "It is expected of high school graduates to go on to higher education, even if we do not have the money to do so. Since these expectations have changed, the price of college tuition has also changed, increasing 439% over the past several decades as reported by The Economist. Due to this large increase in tuition, middle-class families can no longer afford to pay for their child’s education, putting them in the same situation as the low-income students." (Hutchison). If the government would eliminate the grant money that is awarded, universities would then realize they will not be receiving guaranteed tuition from students benefited by the government and be forced to reduce their tuition fees. Middle class students like myself, then, would be able to afford to go to a university without going into debt.

I appreciate you reading all that I am concerned with regarding higher education. Your response is greatly anticipated.


Jocelyn C.

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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