Josh M. Michigan

Gay Discrimination

LGBT people are being discriminated and bullied for who they're and it's not okay

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I am a 15 year old from Michigan named Josh. My topic is about discrimination, but specifically discrimination against LGBT kids/teens. I know it’s a problem because I witness it in my own school everyday. People are always getting called things like “fruitcake” and told how disgusting they are for being gay and even being told they have a mental illness, but I think we can stop it.

First of all, about ¼ of all students starting from elementary school are bullied because of who they are, so that not only covers LGBT people but basically anyone who is alive. Say there’s 400 kids in a school, if ¼ of them are getting bullied that’s 100 kids who are getting bullied. 100 kids! Not even one kid should be bullied, much less 100.

So secondly to kind of continue my last fact, 86% of LGBT students get bullied about it. Knowing that many of them are getting bullied, who would ever come out? I know I wouldn’t cause it’s very likely I’d get bullied. Why should someone have to be bullied for who they are? Imagine if all the heterosexuals were bullied by the homosexuals, how would they feel?

Part of why these are so important is because it causes really bad things like skipping school to avoid it, which 32% of LGBT students who were bullied have done and can eventually lead to things like depression or suicide. People don’t realize how hurtful the things they say are and what they can cause. So mean and ignorant to their actions. Excuse my language but the word “faggot” is not an acceptable name of someone who is LGBT and it’s certainly not a joke.

Thank you for reading my paper, I hope we can make a change.



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