McKenzie Y. Iowa

Dear Future President

The United States started welfare during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The main purpose was to give families that had little income or were those who couldn't work assistance with money. There was a law passed in 1996 which transferred control of the welfare system from the federal to the state level. People are now wondering if everyone on welfare really deserves the assistance. A lot of people that are on welfare are starting to abuse the system. They are having more kids than they can afford just so they can get more money from welfare. The adults are also not applying for jobs, because if they get a job their money could be cut back. If they are capable of working, they should have to work. People are also not marrying, because if you are single with children you will get even more money. It’s not fair for the middle class to have to work a lot to support their families, yet they don’t get any government assistance. We also don’t know where the money is going. People that are on welfare could be making money and saving it. The money they could be getting outside of welfare could be used on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. They should have a drug screening before receiving welfare assistance, and they should have to prove that they are trying to make a better life for themselves. Welfare recipients would have regular checkups to assure they remain drug and alcohol free during their time on welfare. The time that people spend on welfare is 24 months. People abuse the system by spending that much time on welfare, then moving to another state or region so their welfare can start over again. After their welfare ran out at their new residence, they would move back to where they came from. They need to be checked up on, and if they are figured out to have come back from being on welfare they should be denied it. People on welfare should not be able to cheat the system and get away with it. The president needs to have stricter rules for people on welfare. We need to make sure they are getting screened regularly. They also should have to be at least part-time employed if physically able. If they are cheating the system for free money, it will only cause resentment leading to possible fights and disagreements. Welfare should be the last choice for people, but sadly it is many people’s first resort. Sincerely, McKenzie Y.